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Crab Legs Delivered

You have not experienced crab legs at their best until you’ve tasted Alaskan Red King Crab from the waters off the Kenai Peninsula. At JDock Seafood, we process and flash-freeze the catches of local Alaska fishermen each day. In the process, we get first pick of some of the most astounding Alaskan Red King Crab in the area. To secure your own fresh crab legs, simply order from us online today and enjoy crab legs on your table tomorrow.

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The local fishermen we support are now fishing waters only recently reopened for crabbing by the Alaska Fish and Game Commission. This means that the Alaskan Red King Crag we’re getting now is some of the best looking crab we’ve seen in more than 20 years. And in Alaska, that’s certainly saying something! To get these amazing crab legs delivered direct to your door, all you have to do is click on our “Order Fresh Seafood” link to start the process.

Crab Legs Delivered and Ready to Eat

We process incredible Red King Crab and even cook it here in Alaska. Then we vacuum-pack it, flash-freeze it, and give it to Fed Ex for overnight delivery to any place you’d like. Remember, not all crab legs are created equal. Crab legs from Alaskan Red Kings are the best crab meat you’ll ever experience, made so tasty by their clean, natural environment and the sound fishing practices of our state.

Once the crab legs are delivered to you, just heat them in any recipe, or leave them as they are for delicious cold crab salads. Beware, though–you may never be able to go back to regular store-bought crab legs after you taste the ones delivered from JDock Seafood. When you order today, you can have fresh crab legs delivered tomorrow to make your family meal or dinner party memorable and delicious.

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