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Buying Fresh Alaskan King Crab Online

When you’re buying fresh Alaskan King Crab online, make sure you’re heading right to the source. At JDock Seafood Company, we send out our local Alaskan Red King Crab directly from our dock to your door with overnight shipping. Unless you’re fishing on the boat yourself, it simply doesn’t get any fresher than this.

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When it comes to buying fresh Alaskan King Crab online, you want to know that the money you’re paying is getting you the very best. At JDock Seafood, we cut out the middleman, so your Alaskan Red King Crab goes from the fishing boat to our dock-side processing tables, then by Fed Ex to your door. There’s no shop or store in between where the crab must sit unnecessarily frozen for days and days.

Buying Fresh Alaskan King Crab Online the Easy Way

To buy online with JDock Seafood, just click on our “Order Fresh Seafood” link. You’ll see that we offer great Alaskan Red King Crab–the finest King Crab that exists. The legs are the huge, the meat is dense, and the taste is outstanding. In fact, we’re processing some of the mightiest crabs we’ve seen in nearly 20 years, as our fishermen have recently been awarded the rights to work in areas left to thrive on their own for decades.

You reap the benefits of the sustainable fishing policies of Alaska when you’re buying fresh Alaskan King Crab online from JDock Seafood. Always look for Red King Crab, and make sure you’re getting it fresh from the docks. That’s our guarantee for each fresh delicacy we sell at JDock Seafood.

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