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Buy King Crab Legs Online

The next time you buy King Crab legs online, make sure you’re getting the biggest, meatiest, and tastiest King Crab available. This succulent crab comes straight from the natural source: the waters off the Kenai Peninsula of Alaska. Buy the very freshest King Crab legs online from JDock Seafood Company and get the best crab meat that money can buy.

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The King Crab that we’re sending out these days is some of the biggest and best looking in more than 20 years. That’s because our local fisherman have recently been allowed to catch crab in a long-protected area. This rotation of protected areas ensures a sustainable industry, as well as incredibly big and beautiful crab. Try our Alaskan Red King Crab for the very best in taste and density, with each leg weighing in at around a pound!

Buy King Crab Legs Online Straight from Alaskan Waters

When you buy your King Crab legs online with JDock Seafood, we don’t head to our freezer to pull frozen inventory. Instead, we go straight to our local fishermen to pass on your order. Once they catch it, our crew processes it by cooking it for you, then flash-freezing in the taste. We pack it in our custom-made insulated shipping boxes so that Fed Ex can ship it to you overnight and fresh.

To order now, just click on our “Order Fresh Seafood” link and tell us how much you’d like to buy. Shipping is free on orders over five pounds, so order as much as you like and keep the rest in your freezer. The flavor of JDock Seafood will remain intact until you’re ready to indulge.

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