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Fresh Wild Salmon

If you’ve ever tasted fresh wild salmon from the waters off Alaska, you know that there’s simply nothing like it in the world. From the firm and flavor-packed Alaska King, or Chinook, Salmon to the rich red meat of Red, or Sockeye, Salmon to the delicate flavor and beautiful texture of Silver, or Coho, Salmon, your choices for fresh wild salmon from Alaska are incomparable. At JDock Seafood Company, we bring all our fresh seafood straight from the waters of Alaska right to your doorstep.

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With the help of Fed Ex, JDock Seafood gets you the freshest wild salmon from our local fishermen the day you order it. We fillet it, vacuum-pack it, and then flash-freeze it at our dock-side processing site and then place it in custom-made insulated packages for delivery to you the next day.

Fresh Wild Salmon from Our Dock to Your Door

For that special occasion dinner or a party where you’re looking to impress, head to JDock Seafood’s website and click on “Order Fresh Seafood.” You’ll find fresh, wild salmon from the waters off the Kenai Peninsula in Alaska that’s healthy and incredibly flavorful. It’s also safe from pollutants often found in other seafood from over-fished areas.

Browse our website and get an idea of the other incredible fresh wild salmon to be had direct from Alaska through JDock Seafood. Decide which sounds the best to you and then place your order. You’ll see the freshest, wildest salmon on your doorstep with overnight delivery direct from our dock.

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