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Fresh Seafood Shipped

If you’re looking for fresh seafood shipped right to your door, you can’t do any better than fresh catches from Alaska. At JDock Seafood Company, we work with the local fishermen of Resurrection Bay in the world-famous Kenai Peninsula, processing the fresh catches of each day and shipping them directly to the doors of our customers across the country, and even around the world.

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Unfortunately, many of the world’s waters are now polluted with mercury and other contaminants. Alaska suffers none of these woes, as we are so far north and so far-removed from this pollution. The fish and shellfish here are able to feed on the same healthy microorganisms they’ve fed on for thousands of years, keeping themselves healthy in the process. Plus, a smart, sustainable, statewide fishing policy lets local families continue this classic Alaskan trade without fear of over-fishing.

Fresh Seafood Shipped Anytime You Crave It

The fresh seafood shipped from JDock is not only the healthiest you’ll find, but also the most flavorful. From the rich King Crab to the powerful flavor of Alaskan King Salmon, you’ll find it hard to go back to your local seafood source. Having fresh seafood shipped directly to you from JDock Seafood is, fortunately, a service that’s available every day of the year.

Just choose the type of catch you want and the amount you need, and you’ll find it on your doorstep soon, just as fresh as the moment it was caught. We prepare the fillets dockside, then vacuum-pack them and flash-freeze them for freshness. Each catch is then shipped directly to our customers via Fed Ex. Just click on our “Order Fresh Seafood” link to order yours, sent from our waters to your plate in no time.

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