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Fresh Seafood Overnight

Looking for fresh seafood sent to you overnight? Try some of the most flavorful seafood in the world from the Kenai Peninsula of Alaska. Here, generations of family fishermen have thoughtfully harvested the bountiful seafood that grows in the clean, clear waters of the Alaska Gulf. At JDock Seafood, we take the daily catch of many of these local fishermen, process it, and send it directly to the door of our customers.

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The process is easy–you simply need to place your order with us online. We then buy exactly what you request from our local sources, and then we ship it to you overnight via Fed Ex. It’s remarkably easy to enjoy our seafood atyour next big party, holiday gathering, or simply at your next family meal.

Your Choice of Fresh Seafood Overnight

The fresh seafood that we process at JDock Seafood includes Alaskan King Crab, Alaskan salmon from Chinook to Coho and Sockeye, various whitefish, shrimp, and more. You won’t believe the taste and flavor you’ve been missing from regular store-bought seafood once you try the truly fresh seafood we send overnight from Alaska. Spoil yourself while keeping you and your family healthy by ordering fresh seafood with no pollutants, and with all the healthy Omega 3 fatty acids intact.

Enjoy a taste of the good life by ordering your favorite fresh seafood from JDock Seafood today. Simply head to the “Order Fresh Seafood” section of our website and get started. When you do, you’ll receive fresh, authentic Alaskan seafood shipped directly to your door, ready to experience and enjoy.

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