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Buy Fresh Alaska Seafood

Why buy fresh seafood sent all the way from Alaska? Alaska is rich with the most delicious seafood available. Plus, when you buy from JDock Seafood Company, you can get your hands on incredible seafood fresh from the waters of Alaska overnight. Simply buy online with a few clicks, and cook it up for dinner tomorrow night.

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If you worry about the mercury content of fish these days, then Alaska seafood is for you. Up here in Resurrection Bay, our fish and other marine life live wild and free in the cold waters of the Gulf of Alaska where they are allowed to grow to their full size. There are no outside contaminants and no “farming” of fish. In fact, our strict fishing laws give every area a long break between fishing cycles.

Buy Fresh Alaska Seafood Today and Enjoy It Tomorrow

The result is that you can buy fresh Alaska seafood from JDock Seafood that is sure to have more full of flavor than any you’ve ever tasted. We flash-freeze seafood straight from the fishing boats so that it retains all of its flavor and intensity. Coming from Alaska, no flavor is lost by the time we pack it quickly into our special insulated containers and overnight it to you.

In fact, JDock Seafood lets you buy fresh Alaska seafood more easily than you could if you were to drive to your local grocery store. Don’t waste any time waiting for the fresh taste of Alaska to arrive at your door. Click on our “Order Fresh Seafood” link and get your fresh seafood headed straight to your doorstep.

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