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Buy Fresh Alaska Halibut

As one of the most versatile and delicately flavored fish around, the halibut is perhaps the world’s most popular whitefish. Alaska Halibut is the world’s premium halibut, known for its satisfyingly firm texture and overall superior quality. At JDock Seafood Company of Resurrection Bay, Alaska, we’re proud to offer the “steak of seafood” every day, fresh and ready to buy online.

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In Alaska, the halibut are allowed to grow to their full and healthy size, which can sometimes be over 300 pounds!Culinary fans will find that Alaska Halibut perfects any dish that calls for whitefish. Its light, flaky but firm texture make it a favorite, even among those people who aren’t necessarily “fish fans.” There’s no “fishy” taste with this premium species, just a light and mild flavor that pleases every tastebud.

Buy Fresh Alaska Halibut Straight from the Source

When you buy fresh Alaska Halibut from JDock Seafood online, we simply call our local fishing families who share our dock. They fill your order by catching beautiful, fresh Alaska Halibut and then we process it right at our dockside processing tables. We place your fillets in our custom-made insulated packages and give them immediately to Fed Ex, for delivery to your door overnight.

Enjoy real Alaska Halibut in any dish by buying it fresh online at JDock Seafood. Just click our “Order Fresh Seafood” link and tell us how much you’d like to order. Then get ready to taste the way that the cold, clear, and natural waters of Alaska enable healthy fish to thrive.

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