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Sportfish Processing1

Your boat captain will call us on the radio with your estimated time of arrival, at which time we will dispatch one of our processors to meet you at the dock to hand deliver your catch to the hanging station for weighing and prize photos.

Sportfish Processing2

Your fish is filleted at the cutting station and brought to our check in window for final weighing and packaging instructions.

Sportfish Processing3

Your fish is immediately iced to ensure freshness.   Our professional processors will cut the filets into your requested portions; vacuum pack and flash freeze it overnight with state of the art equipment.

Sportfish Processing4

After 24 hours in our flash freezer, your fish is ready for pickup or overnight delivery to your doorstep via FedEx. We pack your fish in custom boxes with Styrofoam inserts to keep your fish fresh during transportation.

Sportfish Processing5

Fresh Fish For You. Enjoy fish as fresh as the day you caught it...fresh from Alaska!

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