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Shipping Policy




Orders of less will ship for the following prices:


·         1 pound: $54.90


·         2 pounds: $59.55


·         3 pounds: $61.70


·         4 pounds: $65.86


·         5 pounds: $70.57


·         6 pounds: $74.96


·         7 pounds: $93.42


·         8 pounds: $98.49


·         9 pounds: $100.87


**Orders for shipment to Hawaii require doubling the shipping charges**


Due to the nature of our fish processing, location, and shipping situation, we only ship 4 days per week, Monday-Thursday, excluding major holidays. All orders will be shipped the following business day unless you contact us via phone to schedule otherwise. The following example is provided for your understanding:


Orders placed on a Monday will be shipped the next day on Tuesday to be delivered on Wednesday.


Orders placed on a Tuesday will be shipped the next day on Wednesday to be delivered on Thursday.


Orders placed on a Wednesday will be shipped the next day on Thursday to be delivered on Friday.


Orders placed on a Thursday, Friday, Saturday, or Sunday will be shipped on Monday to be delivered on Tuesday.


All shipping is FedEx Priority Overnight. All our shipment are insured under Fedex Insurance Policy, if you choose. It is $3 for every $100 worth of product. We are not responsible for un-insured orders.


**FedEx Insurance does not cover acts of God, terrorism, weather, and other unexpected and unusual events**




If you have any further questions regarding our shipping policies please contact us at (907) 224-7272.




Thank you!


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